Dr. Rankin

Every Wednesday, the IMB has chapel. Occsionally, there is a special chapel service where new employees are introduced, terms of service are recognized, etc…. Today was one of those services. As a new employee I was introduced, stood up, everyone applauded, etc…. Afterwards, I hung around to speak with some people and meet new people. Well, while I was standing there, I turned around and was face to face with Dr. Rankin. If you don't know, he is the President of the IMB. (If you want, you can find out more information about him here at the IMB website.)

We made some small talk. He mentioned that it was good to have me there. I said it was good to be there. Standard stuff. However, combined with what he said in chapel, his past, etc…, this came across as very nice and real. Here is a guy who has TONS of stuff to do–remember, the SBC annual meeting is coming up–and he takes time to show up at chapel. But not only that…he makes time afterwards to make conversation. That meant something to me. It gave me a feeling I never had at NiSource about the CEO there.

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