NiSource Announces Outsourcer

Well, NiSource has finally announced who won the outsourcing contract. In this press release NiSource makes the following announcement:

Neale announced that NiSource has selected IBM as the business process service provider with whom NiSource will move forward into a period of exclusive negotiation toward a contract to outsource up to $2 billion of business support activities over 10 years. Teams of employees from the areas under consideration for transformation have been working for three months through a disciplined process with Accenture and IBM – the two service providers that responded to an extensive request for proposals (RFP) from NiSource – to identify potential solutions and savings.

"Both Accenture and IBM have put forth outstanding efforts in responding to our RFP and developing proposals that could meet NiSource’s business needs as well as our expectations for safety, reliability and delivering quality customer service. Both providers offered credible and workable solutions for our business,” Neale said. “Based on our exploration and work with the providers to date, we anticipate the company will outsource a portion of our business support activities.”

Neale noted that NiSource has not yet finalized which activities and processes will be outsourced or to what extent. Beginning immediately, a team from NiSource and IBM will continue to define the future relationship between the two companies. NiSource expects to make final decisions and conclude contract negotiations in June.

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