What Can We Learn?

I always like to think about situations to see what I can learn from them. Recently, I posted about a modern day miracale. Here are two things I think we can learn from this:

1. God still does miracales. And not just healing miracles either. God made the water flow into that baptistry. God met the needs of those orphans in a miraculous way. If he did it in the past, he can do it again.

2.Sometimes we have to step out in faith first. What would have happened if the people had refused to take some of the little water they had and baptise with it? What would have happened if the widow in the Bible had refused to make the cake? We don't know the answer, but God may want us to take the first step before he meets our needs. God may or may not have made the widow's flour and oil not run out if she hadn't made the cake. God may or may not have met the orphanage's water need if they didn't use some to baptise. But, we do know that if we do what God wants with what we have at the moment, God will provide what we need.

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