Modern Day Miracle

Yesterday, the Men of Highland Baptist Church went to Priceton WV to help out Heaven Sent Ministries. While we were there, Lyle shared many stories with us. Here is one of them:

HSM helps sponsor an orphanage in India. There, they have a baptistry (essentially, just a concrete hole in the ground. You can see a picture of it here. Well, this orphanage needed a well, so they drilled one several years ago. When it was being drilled, the well was cursed by the Hindus in the area. The director then prayed to God and asked Him to provide water in such a way that everyone would know what happened (kind of a modern day Mt. Carmel experience). Well, they reached water after drilling only 150-200 feet! The other wells in the area are 800-900 feet deep. That is exciting, but there is more!

Fast-forward two years. That area is in a drought. Eventually, the pump became exposed and burnt up. While they were waiting on the pump to be repaired, Lyle went over to baptise some people (about 70). They had to go get water and truck it in in barrels. They filled the baptistry, Lyle baptised the people, then left. Several weeks later, Lyle received a call from the director.

To conserve water, the orphans had dipped the baptistry dry and watered plants with it. Well, this concrete hole filled up with water again! They dipped it out once again to water plants. Guess what? It filled up again! And not just a trickle either…water was shooting into the baptistry from the ground. They saw what was going on, cleaned out the baptistry so they could drink the water. Guess what?

Water filled up the baptistry from April to August. The flow of water stopped only when the pump was returned and placed into service once again.

Bear in mind, this wasn't because of rain, or seepage. This place is a desert! God caused that water to flow into that baptistry to provide for the needs of those orphans when their well was inoperable.

Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow!

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