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Baptist Press yesterday also ran an article talking about a new Intelligent Design Blog. I have skimmed the site and it looks interesting.

Please realize as you read their site that intelligent design is not the same belief that creationists like Answers in Genesis hold to. I have linked to this blog simply to make others aware of it. Intelligent design simply takes the position that there was someone/thing involved in designing the world. It would allow for evolution, the big bang, millions of years, etc…. On the other hand, creationists would hold to the position that God (the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; my Lord and Savior) created the world in six days–six literal 24 hour days. If you want to record the account of creation, follow the link to Genesis chapters 1 and 2.

Which one am I? A creationist, of course. I believe that God created everything in six 24 hour days. It was created without sin and without death. In fact, the Bible says that once He was done, God called everything he had created "…very good…." Sin and Death entered into the picture after man was tempted by Satan and chose to sin. That account is found in Genesis chapter 3.

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