Tour of Richmond

On Sunday after church, I decided to go for a drive around Richmond and see what I could see. I spent about 4 hours driving around different areas of the city. My goal was to try and get a general feel for different parts of the city, neighborhood conditions, etc…. I tried to focus on areas of the city that Larry didn't take us to on Saturday. If you want to see where I went, click the map below:


I started near the upper right-hand corner of the map at the H (that is where my hotel was…in the Insbrook Corporate Center). The route I took is marked by arrows indicating the direction of travel. the two spots marked with a 1 and 2 indicate two rental properties I saw that looked interesting. The Cs indicate churches that Cyndi and I may be interested in. I tried to put all this stuff together into one place so we could look and think about everything in perspective. I wish I had taken the map with us on Saturday to mark that route as well. If I had to do it over again, I would take my GPS unit to track where we were, and mark waypoints at the interesting spots. Oh well, hopefully someone else can learn from my experience.

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