While I was at the IMB for my interviews Monday, one of the team members I interviewed with was Carl. He mentioned in the interview that he had been to some leadership training that focused on Leading like Jesus.

Today, he sent me an e-mail to the group's website, www.leadlikejesus.com. The purpose of this group is:

It's no accident we exist. Neither is it an accident that you are here. You are a leader…whether simply (or not so simply!) at home or at work or at play…you are a leader! The Center for Faithwalk Leadership has but one purpose

[ To Inspire and Equip People to Lead Like Jesus ]

We're guided by a simple, but profound set of values

  • Honor God in everything we do
  • Build relationships based on trust and respect
  • Maintain integrity and excellence in programs and services
  • Practice stewardship

With a single purpose and simple-but-profound values, here's how we picture the future. To see…

  • Jesus adopted as the role model of all leaders
  • All Christian churches are being led by Jesus-like Leaders
  • Every Christian is taught and is leading like Jesus
  • Non-Christians drawn to Jesus by the practicality and positive effect of Christians leading like Jesus

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