I just Finished…

…the book I was reading (Christian Jihad) by the brothers Caner. It was an interesting read. It was, basically, a short history of Christendom focused around the development of a "Church Army" commanded by the pope that went on Crusades. Additionally, it talked about other "crusades" this army went on that focused on the extermination of heritics (heritics were anyone who did not agree whole-heartedly with the Catholic church). For some more information on this, see this post.

When I was done with that book, I read The Lie: Evolution by Ken Ham. This book was very interesting, and if you are a christian, you need to read it. You especially need to read it if you believe that God used evolution to "create" things. Folks, this is a lie straight out of the pit of Hell. The first 11 chapters of Genesis are true, and need to be taken literally. When the Bible says that God created everything in six days, he did it in sis 24 hour periods. He spoke everything into existance.

Reading The Lie has made me take a step back and think about some things. I think what I am going to do is write some short essays outlining what I believe and why (back that up with scripture) and put them on the web. I think this will do two things: first, it will make me evaluate what I believe and why so I can support it and, secondly, it will give others a resource they can go to while researching things. This may take me several months and years to accomplish, but as I get things done, I will keep the website up to date.

In the meantime, I'm looking for something else to read. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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