Men@HBC Wild Game Dinner

Well, I’m head of the men’s ministry at Highland Baptist Church and we had our first Wild Game Dinner last night. We had 15 guys present, and we had a great time. Our speaker was Kevin Bryant.

Kevin began a law enforcement career in 1974 with the St. Louis Police Department. In 1977, he accepted a job with the Missouri Department of Conservation. He retired after 27 ½ years. He currently pastors at Southwood Baptist Church in Beech Grove Indiana.

Some of the dishes we had were deep-fried turkey, elk roast, deer chilli, rabbit stew, salmon, sushi, and deer stew. The food was great. Before we ate, we played guess the pelt with some pelts I had borrowed from the Ohio DNR. The winners were Doctor Heaton and his son (they both tied). After eating, Kevin showed us some videos from the Missouri Department of Conservation’s program to catch road “poachers” (I refuse to call them hunters….they are beneath that). These people shot at this fake deer 1-18 times. I don’t know about you, but I would begin to get suspicious if I shot and the deer didn’t fall over dead or run away. One of the videos even showed a man who had been caught earlier the same day road hunting! He was caught, he went home, got his wife’s gun, went back out, and was caught again! These people are nuts!

Thanks to all who came, and a special thanks to Kevin Bryant for coming to speak to us!

[Update 2012-12-26 14:52:53] The link to the Missouri Department of Conservation’s site was wrong.  I updated it to the correct link.

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