Interesting Links

A buddy of mine, Alan, was googling around and sent me the following links. They look interesting, and so I thought I would pass them along to you.

Capture a photo of your special event in a beautifully oil-finished, solid birch wood heirloom bowl. A unique way to preserve the memory of a wedding, birthday, sporting event, retirement, or just your favorite person or pet.

  • Scan in a yearbook photo
  • Crayon By Number prints out a numbered (Paint By Number style)outline
  • Use a box of Crayola crayons to color in the outline to create a life-like self portrait!

    The Resurrection: A Harmonization of the New Testament Accounts

    I was browsing various blogs today, and came across this post. It seems that sometime in the past, a skeptic challenged Christians to harmonize the accounts of the resurrection. Well, it appears to have been done. This link will take you to the page where it is done. I'm linking to it ti here to get it distributed as widely as possible. The author…

    put this together a number of years ago. A skeptic had put forward what was supposed to be an unanswerable challenge: to take all the passages in the Bible beginning with the day of Jesus’ resurrection and continuing to the day of his ascension, and without omitting anything write a simple narrative that is chronological and leaves out nothing.


    Scheduling Defrag

    Have you ever asked your computer geek about problems you are having with your computer? Has his answer ever been "when was the last time you defragged your hard drive?" What kind of answer is that? That doesn't help any. Now, you have to sit in front of your computer for 3, 4, 5, or 10 hours while this application ran. And to top that off, you didn't know what you were even looking at! Well, I have found the answer. Kelly's Korner has an article talking about scheduling the defragger that comes with Windows. The article can be found here. You want to scroll down to the Add a Scheduled Task section.

    But, to keep you from looking it up, here are the basics:

    1. — open up notepad

    2. — cut and paste the following code into the text window (this is from Kelly's Korner):

    Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
    Dim fso, d, dc
    Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    Set dc = fso.Drives
    For Each d in dc
    If d.DriveType = 2 Then
    Return = WshShell.Run("defrag " & d, 1, TRUE)
    End If
    Set WshShell = Nothing

    3. — Save the file. Make sure when you do you select all files in the Save as Type dialog box. If you don't notepad will autoappend .txt to the end of your filename. This is not what you want. You can save it where ever you want, just make sure you remember where you save it.

    4. — Now, add a scheduled task to run the file. The ways to do this vary, but the control panel has a scheduled task wizard you can use to set one up.

    I have mine scheduled to defrag every Saturday evening.

    File Sharing

    For those of you who don’t know what is going on, the Supreme Court is hearing arguments in MGM Studios v. Grokster today. This case is the modern high-tech equivalent of the 1983 Sony Corp. v. Universal City Studios betamax case.

    The question the court is really being asked to decide is “Who is responsible for the actions of an individual”. This question is really the same question the court had to decide in 1983. Was Sony responsible for how people used their betamax VCRs or was the person? Is Grokster responsible for the files people share using its application? Are firearms manufactures responsible when criminals use guns to commit crime and murder people? Is microsoft responsible when people copy CDs using a computer running windows?

    In their zeal to limit illegal copying and distribution of media these companies are treading on dangerous ground. The corporations who make this technology are not responsible for what their end users do with the technology. Just like firearms can be used legaly (hunting, self-defense, etc…) or illegally (to commit crimes and murder people), Grokster can be used to legally transfer files. Not everyone restricts the use of their copyrighted material to the degree that traditional media companies have. Just think about all the open source software that could be transferred via these file sharing tools. How about all the classic literature that is in the public domain and in a digial format thanks to Project Gutenberg.

    Then, what ramifications will this have on the concept of Fair Use? Regardless of what they may say, it is perfectly leagal for me to copy a CD I purchased onto a cassette so I can listen to it in my car. It is perfectly legal for me to rip a CD I purchased to mp3s so I can listen to them on my ipod.

    Fair Use is fairly important because it allows for things like quoting articles, making parodies, etc…. It ensures that we can use “stuff” we have leagally acquired in certain ways that are “fair”. Imagine if you had to get permission from someone to quote two or three sentences from their book and write a scathing review of it. It would be hard to show examples of why you didn’t like something, wouldn’t it?

    What is illegal is me making copies and distributing them. I know, I know, you are saying but I don’t charge anything…it’s legal as long as I give it away. Plain and simple, IT IS ILLEGAL. The copyright holder has all the rights regarding distibution, etc…. So, unless they have told you otherwise (either by licensing the content under something like the GPL or Creative Commons or by them telling you it’s ok) you cannot distribute their “stuff”.

    Anyway, I have digressed. I agree that we need to curb intelectual property theft. People need to understand–clearly understand–what can and cannot be done with material. People need to understand that copying other’s “stuff” is illegal unless they tell you that you can. These media companies need to understand that we the consumer need the ability to use what we have purchased. Everyone needs to understand that just because people use something illegally doesn’t mean that thing is illegal…it simply means that that person is doing something illegal.

    [Update 2012-12-26 15:43:09] The link for the sony vs universal case at didn’t work.  I replaced it with a wikipedia link.

    Prayer Request

    My parents are working towards going on a mission trip with the IMB to work with an "almost" unreached People Group. I say almost unreached because there are only a few christians in this people group. They have heard the gospel, but they are still in spiritual darkness. Pray for my parents that they will do God's will and everything will work out how it needs to for them.

    High Oil Prices and the Economy

    How do high oil prices impact you? Sure, we all pay more for gas at the pump, but what about other ways? We haven't seen Wal-Mart raise prices yet, airlines are having price wars in some markets, and food still doesn't cost more; however, that could all be changing soon. As the price of oil rises, expect the price of everything to rise. How do you think Wal-Mart gets everything to its stores? Trucks. What is the largest sigle expense an airline has) besides labor? Fuel. How much gasoline and diesel fuel do farmers go through? Tons. It is only a short time before oil and energy prices start to impact costs in other areas. That is what this article is talking about:

    Christie Baker, owner of Flowers on the Green, recently had to hike the cost of a delivery in Guilford, Conn., from $6 to $8 to make up for the higher cost of gas. In La Jolla, Calif., Domino's just increased the amount it pays delivery drivers by a nickel a trip: They now get 95 cents to transport a large pepperoni…. And at Meyers Moving & Storage in New York City, they're now charging $15 more an hour to move from an apartment on the East Side to the West.

    The Bulang

    I was surfing on the internet and came across this site today. The Bulang are a small group of people in China. The site talks about how they live, etc…. It has some really cool pictures and other information about their region and life. Enjoy!

    [Update 2012-12-25 22:07:42]  The site I referenced,, is no more.  I’ve removed the link from the article.


    I was browsing Technorati this evening, and came across this blog. This guy appears to have a good handle on things, but I haven't read everything so….. Here are some quotes of his:

    From Easter Egg Christianity:

    The other day I noticed a Newsweek poll regarding belief in the resurrection. I was astonished to find that in this secular venue 81% had affirmed a belief in this event. 81% of the population believes that Jesus was supernaturally raised from the dead into an immortal, glorified body, thus vindicating His teaching and claims to be the Messiah and the very Son of God? I don't think so! Not if I'm reading my cultural cues properly anyways….

    …So a person believing in the resurrection should have good grounds for believing that Jesus actually said things like, "Before Abraham was, I am" and, "No man comes to the Father except through Me" and, "Not everyone who says to me 'Lord, Lord' will enter the kingdom of heaven." How is it, then, that so many Christians can go to their Easter pageants and light their candles and sing their hymns while also denying potent realities like Jesus' unique divinity, the exclusivity of Christianity, or the doctrine of hell? The answer must be one of two things. One, they do not genuinely believe the resurrection to be a literal, historical event, i.e., they are simply immersed in the cultural expression of their "faith traditions." Two, they have not yielded to the logical implications of their profession of belief. Either this is a cavalier belief or it is simply an intellectual assent absent of any authentic faith commitment.

    From Between Consenting Adults

    "What consenting adults do in private is no one else's business." Is this really a good moral criteria? Based on the outrageous and lethal things that some consenting adults have managed to do, "consent" advocates should be running for cover.

    Terri Schiavo

    We were talking this past Saturday in our Men's Bible Study group about the Terri Schiavo situation, and that conversation got me thinking. God promises in Romans 8:27-29:

    27 And he that searcheth the hearts knoweth what is the mind of the Spirit, because he maketh intercession for the saints according to the will of God.
    28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
    29 For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren.

    Well, ok, we know that good in God's eyes isn't "good" in our eyes. The good may happen days, months, or even years from now. It may happen in a way we can't even comprehend. So, what good could come out of this situation? Well, it has certainly raised awareness of traditional "right-to-life" issues, but I think there could be more. What if Michael Schiavo were to get saved? What if he were to really get saved out of this. I'm not talking a show salvation. I'm not talking about a liberal feel good conversion. I'm talking about a real conversion experience. A salvation experience where he does real business with God. What about that? What good could come of that? Who knows, but if it happens soon, just think of what could happen: he could go on TV, get lots of TV time, and tell the truth about his salvation (see why I'm talking about a real conversion experience? He would need to go on TV and stand up to all the liberal God-haters in the media…all the God-haters in society.).

    I don't know about you (or his actual spiritual state; however, I doubt he is really saved.), but my God–the God of the Universe, the Creator, the Alpha and Omega, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God of Israel, the Lord and Savior of My life–can work all kinds of miracles and could make that happen if it was His will.

    Just my thoughts on a terrible, horrible situation.