this show is great…

Granted it is produced in the UK for the UK; however, having watched half of an episode this evening, I think it is clear.  People on the dole today have it way to easy.  They are more than simply taken care of…they are given luxuries by the taxpayer that are excessive.  For the record I don’t mind helping people who are down and out temporary….or those why legitimately cannot work.  But those who can work should.

I don’t get it

Leaking sculpture

The author of this piece in the Atlantic says: Snowden and Manning don’t understand what they were leaking.  He goes on to say:

What troubles me about them is not that they broke the oaths they swore when they took their classified government jobs, the thing that makes them liable to prosecution. Government finds all kinds of dubious reasons to keep secrets, sometimes nefarious reasons, and conscience can force one to break a promise. My problem is with the indiscriminate nature of their leaks.

These are young people at war with the concept of secrecy itself, which is just foolish. There are many legitimate reasons for governments to keep secrets, among them the need to preserve the element of surprise in military operations or criminal investigations, to permit leaders and diplomats to bargain candidly, and to protect the identities of those we ask to perform dangerous and difficult missions.

In other words, they had good reasons.

 First off, I’m going to unlump Manning from Snowden.  I didn’t really look into what Manning did.  But Snowden?  He didn’t have good reason?  He didn’t expose an abuse of government power?!  Mr. Bowden, what is more of an abuse of government power than the NSA spying on all of us…all the time?  Hmm.  Yeah…I don’t hear anything.

Image from fredrik linge via flickr

One Thing I’ll Never Understand

Cheap market, Chinatown

How or why people will use a junk computer and refuse (yes…refuse) to buy a new one because someone won’t “give” them one. Jeez….

Oh, I should add that yes they could afford one if they wanted to.  Instead, they choose to spend money on other things.

Image from joel abroad via flickr