We had some friends over to our place last night for dinner (yep…I made kabsa…and they LOVED it). After dinner, we played some games and had a good time. We had a good opportunity to get to know these people better…we are thankful for the time.

We played:
2 rounds of kill dr. lucky (the same guy won both times). We played once on the original board and once on the unnamed mystery house expansion
1 round of Igor. I won this at the last minute (3 others were getting ready to get 10 points and win)

Oh, there were some American friends…but, we are going to start inviting Serbs to play (we just got a place we could play)

Gameplay 5-13-2007

My parents and sister came over yesterday afternoon. After eating dinner, we played Carcassonne with a new expasion they bought Cyndi and I: Traders and Builders. Let me tell you…that expansion totally changes the game (not in a bad way…it’s just different).

I farmed, like normal. After counting up the normal points and farmer points, I had a 1 point lead over Cyndi. Well, she ended up with an extra 30 points because she had the most of all of the trader tokens! I don’t yet know how this will affect my gameplay, but it certainly adds a new dynamic.

By the way, the new builder piece is cool. You place it just like a normal meeple; however, you have to already have a guy on the thing. The builder allows you a second turn if you add onto the thing with the builder. This is great for those big mega cities you think will never get done.

Lunchtime Gaming — 9 March 2007

Well, today I tried to get some people together at work to play some games at lunch (like JavaJack and others of us used to do at NiSource).  I had several people say they were interested but couldn't come today.  Turns out that no one showed up.  Cry What a bummer.  Oh well, I won't let this keep me from not trying.  I'll try again next week.