Vonage Back Up

All, thanks to God’s provision, our Vonage phone is working again.  Last year, some friends here (who just “happen” to have the same Vonage phone we do) had their phone die.  Vonage sent them not just one, but two power plugs (again, just by “accident.”).  Well, they gave us their extra one.  So, we are now back online.

 Thanks for the patience!

Comment Moderation

I’m sorry to have to do this; however, I have been getting TONS of comment spam (even with the capcha turned on…I guess I need a better one).  Before I changed to only allowing registered users to post, I turned on comment moderation.  So, before your comment will show up, I’ll have to say ok.  Sorry for the extra step.

If you have a better idea (or know of a better way to do a capcha) let me know. 

You can comment

Ok, I found and downloaded a comment module for Joomla.  You should be able to leave comments now.  Over the next few weeks, I'll be redoing all the old comments people left.

 Well, I spoke too soon.  The component didn't work.  I'll keep testing it over the next month or so and see if I can get it working.

Ok, comments are up and they appear to work.  Let me know if you have any problems. 

New Site

If you can’t see it, we have a new site.  I’m still working on some tweaks, but the articles are here. 

In the meantime, does anyone know how htaccess files work?  I want rewrite urls that contain <anything>modules.php<anything> to www.maxsons.org  Right now, it doesn’t work…I still end up with the parameters.  To see what I’m talking about, try this url:


It keeps the  ?name=Statistics&op=Stats

 [Update 2007-03-17 09:31:02] I have found out that mod_rewrite keeps the querystring unless you specify your own.

Comment Moderation Turned ON

I have turned on comments moderation because I have been receiving comment spam.  To avoid that, all future comments will have to be approved by an admin before they are visible.

I'm sorry for the hassle, but I don't want to spend forever policing the site for comment spam.

New Feature Added

I’ve added a neat hitmap. It will be available on the left (for now, you can see it below too). It is a ClustrMap. We’ll see how well it works over the next few weeks. If it gives us neat info, I’ll keep it. If not…I’ll can it.

Random Picture Added

Since we have so many pictures, I thought it would be nice to feature a picture on the homepage.  I did a bit of research and coded a random pic block.  So, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!