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From Way of Life’s Friday Church News Notes for 22 July 2018

KING JAMES BIBLE STILL THE PREFERRED TRANSLATION IN AMERICA (Friday Church News Notes, June 22, 2018,,, 866-295-4143) – The 2015 Barna State of the Bible survey found that the King James Bible remains the preferred Bible version among Americans by far. It is the preferred Bible by 39% of those surveyed. After that is the New International Version (NIV), at 13%, and the New King James (NKJV), at 10%. These numbers have remained consistent since 2012. There is a significant difference when it comes to age groups. Among Boomers (age 50-68), 43% prefer the KJV; among Gen-Xers (age 31-49), 41%; but among Millennials (age 16-30), it is 28%. Still, the King James Bible is the preferred translation among all age groups over the New International Version, which is the next favorite. This information is from “State of the Bible 2015,”


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