Today at .@TheVyneNT


So yesterday we went to .@TheVyneNT.  In addition to going up on the roof to see it being redone, we went into the house.  I was trying to take a photosphere in this room because I thought it was cool. 

The room steward saw me and said something like Sir, you aren’t alowed to video in here.  I said to her something like, Ok.  Thanks, but I’m not videoing.  I carried on trying to complete the photo sphere.  I got one more picture in and she said something like “Sir, you must stop.  There is no videoing here.  It is against the law.”  I said but I’m not videoing and continued.  She more insistantly made another comment so I again said I wasn’t videoing.  This time though, I asked her if she wanted to see.  She said yes so I let my camera compile the partial photo sphere and showed her.  Her reaction “Oh”.  

So, yeah.  The rest of the day Cyndi and I joked about it.  So…remember:

“There’s no videoing in here”