Safety Razor

A few weeks ago on a trip, I left my razor in the hotel.  GRR.  This only matters because I’ve never been one of those Mach 18 blade razor type guys.  I’ve had a Gillete two-blade razor forever.  I’ve only ever used that style of razor.  Well, I went looking and could only purchase one of the new 5, 6, 18 blade razors (and, of course, spend 20 quid on the razor and £50 on the refills.

So, I decided that I’d take this as an opportunity to by a saftey razor.  Yep…one of those old-fashioned razors.  I actually bought this one from Amazon.  After a week of using it, I really like it.  I’d recommend to anyone to switch.  Sure, there’s a different style and technique to get used to…but once you do, it works great.  I even feel like I get a better closer shave with it than my old razor.

Image from lokarta via flickr


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