Star Wars Cookies


For Christmas, my sister got me a set of Star Wars cookie cutters.  Cyndi and my mom made cookes yesterday with them.  The cutters are AEWSOME!

Thanks Melanie!

[Update 12-25-2010 18:49:16] Edited the post to include our picture.

Happy or Merry?

Christmas #25

Here in the UK, everyone I’ve talked to generally says Happy Christmas instead of Merry Christmas.  In the US, we’ll say Happy for just about everything else (“happy birthday, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy New Year, etc….) but Merry Christmas.  Anyone have any idea why?

I found this article that leads me to believe Merry Christmas is older while Happy Christmas is newer.  This jives with other things I’ve read that lead me to believe that we, in the US, have maintained older words/phrases for things than our British Cousins have.

Image from kevindooley via flickr

Christmas 2010


Wednesday, Cyndi and I went to London so I could give her Christmas present to her.  Why did we go all the way there?  Well, I got her tickets to Wicked and took her to dinner at Outbck.  Here’s some pictures and the trailer: 


Amazon Affiliate Program

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I just joined Amazon’s Affiliate program and wanted to let everyone know.  This means that if you click a link to a product on Amazon from my site, I’ll get a kickback from Amazon.  I seriously doubt I’ll make money from this scheme (scheme used in the British way to simply mean plan).  BUT….over the past 2 months, I have sold 5 kindles for Amazon from simply telling people about mine.  My 4% of those sales would have bought me 1 or 2 kindle books.

Don’t worry…I’m not going to start advertising on the site.  I’m doing this, like I said, because I’ve sold several kindles for Amazon recently and I want a nice simple way to build Amazon product links.  I also want to review books from Amazon that I’ve read on my Kindle.  Most are free–or at least I got them for free–but why not get something.

Image from factoryjoe via flickr

[Update 12-02-2010 07:15:38] I’m changing how I do book reviews.  Instead of simply posting a screenshot of the cover, I’m going to begin using an iframe.  It will do the same thing, show the cover, but I think it will make it clearer that I’ll make a few pennies if someone clicks my links to get to amazon.

Bakewell Tart

Bakewell Tart

Last night for desert, I had a piece of Bakewell Tart (or did I have a bakewell tart?  who knows….).  I didn’t hear what the waitress said so I asked her what she said.  She had been to the US and she took the time to explain what it was.  She said, “it’s very English.”  I said why not…I’ll try it then.  I did and it was good.

What is it?  It is a pastry–pie crust–some jam/jelly, and a sponge (kind of like a falvored angel food cake thing).  The filling tasted like almonds.  It was served warm.  With vanilla ice cream, it was good.

Image from tonydolor via flickr