London, People Hurt, and Those Who Did It

We need to pray for the people in London who were injured in the bombing yesterday. We also need to pray for the families of the injured and killed. We need to pray for the leadership of the countries involved. We also need to pray for those who planned and carried out the bombing

I can hear the reaction now. What?! Pray for those evil people? Yes! I am assuming they are lost and on their way to hell. They may have never heard of the love of Jesus. We need to pray that God would allow them to come into contact with them who can share the Gospel with them. Pray that when that happens, God opens their spiritual eyes, they see the truth and accept Jesus.

WWJD– What WouldJesus Do?

Clearly, Jesus would not vote for something like gay "marriage"; however, this issue brings up an interesting question: What question should guide what we do and think?

On the surface, What Would Jesus Do–WWJD–appears to be a good philosophy. And it is if done correctly. However, while Jesus was God our impression of WWJD is not supposed to be our final authority. What we think is based on human reason, thought, and results in , really, making our own god. How do we know what Jesus would do? We have to look to the Bible–the word of God–to really find this out. Since Jesus is God and God cannot commit sin, he would never lie. He would never do anything contrary to what He had already said. If God says homosexuality is a sin in one place, He would not condone it in another. So, done right–looking to the Bible for the answer to the question–WWJD could be ok. If, on the other hand, we base our answer to WWJD on what we THINK Jesus would do, then we have created our own god.

Have you ever read In His Steps? It is a book about a pastor who challenges his congregation to do ask WWJD before they make any decision and the results in their town. The book is in the public domain and you can download In His Steps here.

How Sad

Blogging the Fifth Nail is claimed by many to be the blog of Joseph Edward Duncan III (the guy who kidnapped the kids in Utah). Anyway, I was drawn to it just to see for myself. I read then first post and saw that there were TONS of comments. I decided to take a look.

The comments were full of hate. Yes, what he did was wrong. We shouldn't condone it. But God still loves this man. God knew 10, 20, 50, 100, 1000, 2000, 5000 years ago what was going to happen. He still sent His Son to die on the cross because He loved this man. We need to figure out how to convey love without condoning what people do. God loves people and so should we.

Growing Churches

I was reading BPNews yesterday and found this article about Emergent Evangelism. This article deals with something I have been thinking about for several months now. How do you "grow" the church? Here is a quote from the article:

Only a return to Scripture can cure a wandering church in need both of repentance and resolve to accurately and passionately preach to people in great need of the salvation of God.

How do you grow the church? Not by "programs." Not by "get big quick" schemes. The church gets bigger by getting more people saved. DUH!

Do you ever look at the stats and see how many Southern Baptist churches fail to baptize one person in a year? This is just sad. As a church, we need to wake up! Look at Europe! What cultural christianity! How sad!

Numbers aren't important, but if we really believe that Jesus is the answer, why don't we tell people? Why are we sitting on our padded pews every Sunday barely singing while a lost world goes to hell?!