VoIP Encryption

Several months ago, I looked into using VoIP. I was serious into Vonage, and even looked at selling LightYear's service. I did some very brief research and decided NOT to use VoIP because the voice data was unencrypted once it went out on the wire. It was tough to stick to my decision, and people tried to convince me otherwise; however, I'm glad I did. Want to know how easy it is? Here is a link to an article on dslreports.com describing how easy it is to "tap" a VoIP call. Enjoy!

House Pictures

Here are the pics of the house we rented in Richmond. Sorry…I thought I took more; however, all I have are these two. Enjoy!



Maifest Artists’ Studio Tour is set for Saturday, May 21 and Sunday, May 22, 2005

I received this in the e-mail today from a friend who still lives in Hermann. If you are there over Maifest, check it out.

Artists of Wine Country will be opening this studios in Hermann Maifest weekend for their Second Spring Tour. 

The studios will be open on Saturday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m., or until crowds lessen and on Sunday from 11 a.m.-after the parade. There is no admission fee.

You will meet award-winning artists who open their studios, galleries and gardens to the public for the enjoyment of the art enthusiast. You may visit with the artists, hear stories about their artwork and enjoy the experience of getting to know the local artists personally.

They feature unique artwork in various media from metal sculpture, clay, watercolor, oil, pastel, fiber, wood, and to vitreous enamels. Look for the "one-of-a-kind" gifts for any special occasion.

Wine Country Artists are from all over the United States. Combine a tour of Hermann's delightful architecture as most studios are located in historic homes and storefronts. Maps for the Tour may be obtained from Colorful Brushes, 126 E. Fourth or the Hermann Welcome Center on Market Street. The phone number is 1-800-932-8687 or visit www.hermannmo.com.


Well, my grandma has Altzimers so we do a lot of reading on memory. My mom found this article on MSN and sent me the link. It is 10 ways to keep your memory sharp. Here is an excerpt:

1. Exercise your mind
2. Stay physically active
3. Eat, drink and be healthy
4. Develop a system of reminders and cues
5. Take time to remember things
6. Learn relaxation techniques
7. Keep a positive attitude
8. Talk to your doctor
9. Check your levels
10. Keep your perspective


If you want to read the whole article, click here

Lack of Posts

Sorry for the lack of posts the past few weeks. Cyndi and I are very involved in our pending relocation to Richmond. I may or may not have time to post until after Memorial Day.

Flight Simulator

Are you a flight nit? Ever own Microsoft Flight Simulator? Ever wonder how it started and evolved? Alan found this site the other day, and it is very interesting. Enjoy.

RIC Move

For everyone waiting to hear how our trip to Richmond went….we found a house. I'll post more information (and pictures) later.


Ever wonder what was meant by "widescreen?" Ever wonder if there are differences between different widescreen formats? Ever wonder what was before now? Here are some links you may find interesting


Group Think…Or Why We Must Know What We Believe

Cyndi and I were sitting in a hotel room recently (we were house hunting in Richmond…more on that later) and I was surfing the 'net. I came across this article on group think. It was an interesting read. Here are some quotes:

The world’s path to success is changing fast. In the new 21st-century institution – be it a school, church, corporation or government — hard work and dedication won't suffice. Getting ahead in the global community will mean compromise, conformity, group thinking and submission to the ground rules of the consensus process.

Today, a more sophisticated version of this brainwashing process drives the social transformation. Governments, schools, businesses and service organizations — even churches — are using it to mold compliant citizens and group thinkers. It usually serves their purpose, for it helps root out individualism and the "intolerant" attitudes that could bring conflict and division. When bonded to the group and trained in the new relational rules, few dare offend the majority by take a contrary stand.

Notice those last few words: "…few dare offend the majority by take a contrary stand." What makes it possible to take the stand? Knowing you are right. Knowing why you are right. This is why it is critically important that we as Christians know the Bible, believe the Bible, and know why we believe the Bible. If we stand firm on our "firm foundation," we can once again influence our society.