More information on Training

This is an update to this very short very brief article I wrote several days ago.

DSC04961The past three weeks feels like a whirlwind. We took three weeks of vacation to travel around and visit friends and family before we move overseas, and it was hard. Don’t get me wrong, we had great times with friends and family, but we felt homeless for that time. We didn’t have any place to call our own. It finally feels good to be somewhere (even a little somewhere because we are sharing a place with several other people) to call our own.

On Monday, we moved into our training facility and started training sessions Wednesday. This training is to help prepare us to live overseas and covers things like disease, immunizations, how to handle culture shock, ideas on how we can meet people overseas, and the like. Like I said earlier, there are other families with us here, and we have gotten to know several. I think in our time here, we’ll come to make some great friends.

Lydia had a first birthday on Monday, but I’ll wait and let Cyndi talk about that. By that time, we should have some pictures up to share with everyone too.


Well, Cyndi is feeling better (and Lydia has been better all weekend) but I’m sick now. Please pray for me that I’ll get better and can attend sessions again.

Lydia is sick

Please join us in prayer as Lydia has come down with the flu. This isn’t a great time as we are in the middle of our orientation to prepare ourselves to live overseas. There are some rules about what we have to do so other people don’t get sick too. This means one of us needs to stay at home with her while the other goes to class.

We are going to trade off (one watch her in the morning while the other watches her in the afternoon) while she gets better.

We are here

Or are we there? Well, the good thing is we are somewhere! We’ll post some more information later; however, we moved into our training facility on Monday (today is Tuesday, I know….) We begin the sessions tomorrow. Basically, this training is to teach us a bit about culture shock, moving overseas, legal matters, how to adjust, etc….

Oh, Lydia’s first birthday was Monday. We’ll get a post about that (and her 1 year doctor visit) up, hopefully by the end of this week.