Yesterday a coworker and I road from an office we have outside of Richmond back to the main office (well, he peeled off and went home).  It was so so hot yesterday.  Officially the temp in Richmond never broke 100 (it got to 98); however, it felt like 105-110.

When riding while it was this hot, my water in my bottle got very hot very fast (imagine nice warm bath water and you get the idea).  Any ideas on how to keep it cool?

Update on Roady 2 PAS and Bike Riding

When more than one person asked me about my Roady 2 PAS, I realized I had never posted followup on my article about purchasing the PAS.  So, here it is:

I don't use the stock headphones that came with the Roady 2 PAS.  They have foam coverings on the ear pieces, and I was worried that they would get clogged with sweat.  Nevermind the fact that VA law doesn't allow both ears to be covered while riding a bicycle (except in certain circumstances).

I went to Wal Mart and bought the cheapest pair of earbuds.  I split the cord so I can leave one in the pocket of my pack and put the other in my ear.

For an antenna, I use the vehicle antenna that came with my Roady 2.  I just purchased a big washer so I could magnent mount it to my pack.  Reception is good.  I only have a few (3-5) places where I drop out for 1-3 seconds.  I think that is because of trees.  Overall, this yields good reception.

I had to turn the volume up way louder than I thought to compensate for the wind noise.  I tried listening to Fox News on XM, but decided music was better.  I usually spend my ride time listening to "The Message" XM32 (Christian "Pop" is what they call it).

Battery life is good.  I have spent 3.5 hours on my bike and it was still going.  As the battery gets weaker, I think reception gets a bit poorer, but I haven't tested it enough to be sure.

Overall, I think this is a very good solution.  I only wish the battery pack were lighter and lasted longer and that it had a belt clip so I could use it without having to carry it while I'm off my bike.

July 2006 Cell Phone Numutes Used

Here is a summary of Cyndi and I's cell phone usage:

Anytime Minutes   415.0
Anytime Minutes Above Top Tier   10.0
Night & Weekend Minutes   306.0
Sprint Mobile to Mobile   1,135.0
Roaming Minutes   19.0

Does anyone have any clue what those Anytime Minutes Above Top Tier are?

Dr. visit #2

Today was another exciting day for Little One and I! We saw Dr. Royal this morning and everything seems to be going well. My bloodwork and stuff is all good and the little heartbeat was thumping away nicely!

Dr. Royal is super nice and easy to talk to, and she was really great about addressing my long list of questions…which is good since it's part of her job :^) My next appointment is the 29th, when I'll be about 18 weeks. If there's time between that appt. and Serbia, we may even get to do the "big" ultrasound to find out if Little One is Isaac or Rebekah/Lydia (there's some debate about the girl name). If not, that will be one of the first things to look forward to when we get back!