AquaCal — Review

Today at work, someone had left a bunch of bottles of AquaCal out for whoever wanted them.  I took two to try…strawberry and grape.

Both were ok.  They would have been better for me had they been fizzy like pop, but the taste was way better than some other products like Fruit2O or the Aquafina Flavor Splash.

One odd thing about the grape flavor…imagine drinking 16.9 oz of that grape tasting kids medicine (I forget what it is) and you have a good idea of what the grape tastes like.

Burnout 3

A guy at work was selling an X-box. He had a whole list of games and accessories as part of a bundle. I couldn't afford the whole thing (I want another xbox so I can run xbox linux and use it as a pvr.), but I did buy one of the games.

I bought Burnout 3 for $12.00. Not a bad deal if you ask me. I already have burnout 2 and love it. Burnout 3 is supposed to have even better crash scenes, etc…. Here in the next few days, I'll write a review and let you know what I think.

Have a diesel? Burn Vegetable Oil!

I read about this company several years ago, and did some research.  At the time, I thought it would be neat to do…now, with the proce of fuel, I wish I would have!  Check them out…they offer bolt-on kits to make your diesel engine run on vegetable oil.

Won’t work, you say?  Well, do some research.  You’ll find out that the diesel engine was originally invented to run on peanut oil.  It was only after oil and refining discovered was it converted to run on diesel fuel.

[Update 12-06-2008 14:30:01] See this post where I have a link to some dangers about using waste oil in your diesel.

Seen and Not Heard

First off, let me say that I'm a huge Petra fan. Ever since I went to a puppet convention in probably 89 or 90 and purchased their On Fire album, I have been hooked. Not only do they sound great, but their songs have a good message too. All their albums have lyrics, and all the lyrics are tied to scripture. And, to top it off, these guys have been around forever (they started in the 70s as a Jesus Band). I'm bummed since they decided to move on, but that is all up to God, isn't it? Continue reading “Seen and Not Heard”