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you know why people with have a reputation for being ? it's because you have to be to get them to behave

while not really bacon, the turkey bacon is good

was there another incident at ? one day, there will be a

airlines out to offer mystery fares. you book the fare in advance for a distance range away, and the airline puts you up in the crew hotel at the destination. then, you turn up the day you are leaving and they put you on a flight somewhere.

I do always enjoy watching flight ops. airports need to bring back observation deck for the public.

.@starbucksuk you need a way to collect stars after-the-fact when the machines are broken

is there ever an advantage to shopping in the duty free shops at an airport? the prices always seem outrageous

who passes by an electronic shop at the airport and says "ooo...I think I'll purchase an iPad today?"

one sees the strangest things at airports