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This is a good article:

The main point is that guns aren't the problem...the lack of a moral compass in society is the problem.

2 of 2 .@British_Airways .@CairoAirport .@GOVUK, Would have been nice to know about the rules before leaving the UK.

1 of 2 .@British_Airways .@CairoAirport .@GOVUK, 5200mAh power bank was taken on trip home.

I'm currently using my .@Raspberry_Pi making a connection to .@ProtonVPN whist surfing public wifi. Take that and wifi provider

2018 Week 5:

Avg mass = 108.8kg

I want to watch them discover All In The Family / Archie Bunker. Never mind they'll miss the entire point of the show

2018 Week 4:

Avg mass = 110.1kg

. The , but there's no way it is going to settle. Now I'm going to have to explain to everyone that the is still real. At a minimum, the grass needs to be covered to say we've had snow. Measuring in double-digit inches is much better