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The storm had so much potential, but we're now more muggy than ever

I just heard thunder!

we need a thunderstorm. an honest to goodness set in for the morning thunderstorm to break this heat and humidity.

Happy Father's Day - 2017

1 min read

21st June: Happy Fathers' Day

I guess this is the way one is supposed to do this in today's digital age.

Image from Helen Taylor via flickr

Church Hunters

1 min read

This is really funny (although, sadly, too close to what too many people actually think)

New Phone

1 min read

GRR.  On my most recent trip (that I returned from today), the touchscreen of my Google 5x got fried.  It stopped responding to touches and I can't figure out what's wrong.  Because of some funny stuff that happened over night that same night, I think there was a power surge that was just enough to fry the touch screen.

I've replaced it with a Google Pixel and updated my Phone List