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Petworth House - 2 Jan 2015

1 min read

The kids had a day off school yesterday.  So, in addition to doing the geohash for 2 Jan 2015, we went to Petworth House.  Here's some pictures (the rest can be found on the flickr set):

IMG_20150102_131257 IMG_20150102_142048
IMG_20150102_131612 IMG_20150102_132531

Geohashing - Jan 2, 2015

1 min read

Yesterday, we went to Petworth House.  It turned out to be near yesterday's geohash so we stopped by on our way home.  We didn't make it all the way to the hash location because I couldn't sort out the footpath and didn't want to upset the farmer by trapsing though his field.  Here's some pictures:

IMG_20150102_150816 IMG_20150102_150650

[2015-01-03 08:44:24] Added link to geohash page
[2015-01-03 09:09:32] Added link to Petwork House page

Thanksgiving 2014

1 min read

I know, today isn't Thursday, but it is the day we picked to celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK.  We invited a bunch of friends over and deep fried a turkey.  Here's a selfie I took.


Funny Sign -- Clean up After Your Dog

1 min read


I find this sign hilarious.  I know the point is to say that you'll be fined £1,000 if you don't clean up after you dog. But the sign makes it look like the dog will be fined simply for pooping.

Morning Picture - 23 Sept 2014

1 min read


The fog didn't come out very well (cheap phone camera) but the fog looked really neat this morning.

Scotland Voted No

2 min read

Well, just in case you hadn't heard, Scotland voted No to independence yesterday.  I didn't publish what I thought before because I wanted to not involve myself in local politics.  However, since the vote has passed, I thought I could post what I thought.

First off, if I had been able to vote, I would have voted Yes for several reasons:

  1. For the past 400 years or so, the Scottish people have wanted to be free from their English oppressors.  Now, today it isn't really like that; however, the past would have swayed my vote.
  2. The economic implications wouldn't have played into my vote at all.  It would have worked itself out in the end.
  3. The amount of journalism talking about problems, companies talking about pulling out, etc... was nothing but fear-mongering on the part of the no campaign.
  4. Even thought it wasn't meant this way, the feelings of "You [Scotland] can't do it alone" and "Better Together" still harken back to the fact that someone else knows best for the Scottish people.  It is sort of like someone saying "it can't be done" or "I know what's best."  That's ok in the case of kids, but not a country or grownups.

Here's a couple of pictures.  The first is some Yes flags.  I'd like to get one of these...I think it would be a neat momento of history.  The second is a map of how the vote broke down across Scotland.  Click them for larger copies on Flickr.

 Biased BBC Protest 20140919_ScotlandVote 

Image of Yes flag from Cameron King via flickr.  Image of poll results is a screenshot of the graphic in the telegraph.

Scotland -- Yes or No

1 min read

Yes Scotland's first annual Independence rally

So, the real question is "Will Scotland vote to leave the UK or not?"  We'll find out the answer about 5am BST (GMT+1) tomorrow (19 Sept 2014)

Image from Phyllis Buchanan via flickr

8 Sept 2014 -- morning picture

1 min read


The sun coming up over the allotments with some fog.  This morning, the air felt cool, crisp, and fallish.

Cyndi's Birthday -- June 2014

1 min read

Over the weekend, Cyndi and I went out for her birthday.  She wanted to go to Five Guys so we went to Bluewater Shopping Centre, ate at Five Guys, then went to see The Edge of Tomorrow.


Rainy Day at the Park

1 min read

This morning, the kids and I went to the park to ride bikes and play in the sand.  We went knowing it might rain...well, it sprinkled the ENTIRE time we were there.  Here's a few can find the rest in the flickr set.