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. 2 Things:

Why do airlines have to give their fares names like "wanna get away" or "any time"? They aren't descriptive
Why is everyone's websites quoting fares to the US with hand luggage only?

. The , but there's no way it is going to settle. Now I'm going to have to explain to everyone that the is still real. At a minimum, the grass needs to be covered to say we've had snow. Measuring in double-digit inches is much better

Why do websites default to the Keep Me Signed in setting??

We saw .@StarWars The Force Awakens yesterday. I didn't like it. Sure, it was better than the ones with , but barely.

. Sure, is winning, but neither them or are playing well.

I'm trying to stay up till dark. It is currently 2000 and I'm falling asleep.

. I just got home hoping for some great summer weather here in the UK.

. Who determines what is hate speech? Free speech leads to horrible things being said; however, there is no right to be heard. The good thing is no one is forced to listen.