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Found a new Christmas film: Jumanji

Shoutout to .@MannheimSteam [best Christmas Music ever]. If you ever see the video for this at their concert, they have a spot for .@BodiamCastleNT in it.

I'm looking for recommendations on a quad-copter. I'd like a small one (small enough to fly indoors) and I don't want to break the bank (30 quid or so). Ideas?

I wish debates in the US House of Reps were more like the UK House of Commons.

We saw .@StarWars The Force Awakens yesterday. I didn't like it. Sure, it was better than the ones with , but barely.

TIL: the founder of .@EntertainerToys is a Christian and keeps his shops closed on Sunday (even Christmas Eve).

thought of @Ronda730 and @BrownsWin