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came across this article. I don't think it is just millennials that can't work out the interest rate. sadly I doubt most people could

Happy to see that .@big_ben_clock is chiming away to keep some sanity in the world today :)

.@CrashPlan is shutting down: It was a super product...gonna struggle to find a replacement.

Cyndi and I were talking about Big Ben tonight. Neither of us was concerned about Big Ben not sounding, but we did wonder what would happen to the internet....

Looking for a place to exchange my .@SodaStreamUK cylinder. The .@RobertDyas in Redhill no longer has them. ?

I'm looking for a way to do .@instagram type photo montage 3-4 panel photos without actually using instagram. Any ideas?

Trying to find out when the morning peak times are on .@SouthernRailUK. I can't seem to find it on their website...

Isaac and I went tonight. Here's a video he took of me so I could prove it.

What's the deal with fancy dress at cricket matches?

Email Change

1 min read

Recently, I moved my email from Google Apps to ProtonMail.  I wondered how Google would deal with it since I use other google services (like Google Plus primarily).  I wondered if they would respect the new MX record on the domain or not.  Well, I thought I would report back that Google do respect the MX record.  The email from Google is flowing into .@ProtonMail just fine.