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. The , but there's no way it is going to settle. Now I'm going to have to explain to everyone that the is still real. At a minimum, the grass needs to be covered to say we've had snow. Measuring in double-digit inches is much better

Why do websites default to the Keep Me Signed in setting??

We saw .@StarWars The Force Awakens yesterday. I didn't like it. Sure, it was better than the ones with , but barely.

. Sure, is winning, but neither them or are playing well.

I'm trying to stay up till dark. It is currently 2000 and I'm falling asleep.

. I just got home hoping for some great summer weather here in the UK.

. Who determines what is hate speech? Free speech leads to horrible things being said; however, there is no right to be heard. The good thing is no one is forced to listen.