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Cyndi got me a wok for Christmas. We made fried rice last night...came out pretty good. I think next time I'll use some foil to build a ring to help hold the thing though....

My parents got me a .@Raspberry_Pi for . Already have it set up as a .@ProtonVPN gateway on my home network. Speeds have more than doubled over using my router to make the connection.

Found a new Christmas film: Jumanji

Shoutout to .@MannheimSteam [best Christmas Music ever]. If you ever see the video for this at their concert, they have a spot for .@BodiamCastleNT in it.

TIL: the founder of .@EntertainerToys is a Christian and keeps his shops closed on Sunday (even Christmas Eve).

Know someone who like to ? Do they also ? Then you need to buy them an .@oomphcoffee maker for