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modern-day witch doctor

1 min read

Being a techie is like being a modern version of a voodoo witch doctor who knows how to make zombies using fish poison



I've never really thought about it in that way before today.

Making Lemonade

1 min read

Lydia wanted to make some lemonade today.  We did it this evening and here's what we came up with:


IMG_20170824_200414 Squeese the lemons. We used 3.
IMG_20170824_200440 Even more squeesing
IMG_20170824_200531 We used 1/2 cup of sugar. No metric masses in this house!
IMG_20170824_200541 Another shot of the sugar
IMG_20170824_200624 Add water and stir. We used about 1.5 litres of water

Email Change

1 min read

Recently, I moved my email from Google Apps to ProtonMail.  I wondered how Google would deal with it since I use other google services (like Google Plus primarily).  I wondered if they would respect the new MX record on the domain or not.  Well, I thought I would report back that Google do respect the MX record.  The email from Google is flowing into .@ProtonMail just fine.


1 min read

Safety Razor

A few weeks ago on a trip, I left my razor in the hotel.  GRR.  This only matters because I've never been one of those Mach 18 blade razor type guys.  I've had a Gillete two-blade razor forever.  I've only ever used that style of razor.  Well, I went looking and could only purchase one of the new 5, 6, 18 blade razors (and, of course, spend 20 quid on the razor and £50 on the refills.

So, I decided that I'd take this as an opportunity to by a saftey razor. of those old-fashioned razors.  I actually bought this one from Amazon.  After a week of using it, I really like it.  I'd recommend to anyone to switch.  Sure, there's a different style and technique to get used to...but once you do, it works great.  I even feel like I get a better closer shave with it than my old razor.

Image from lokarta via flickr

Happy Father's Day - 2017

1 min read

21st June: Happy Fathers' Day

I guess this is the way one is supposed to do this in today's digital age.

Image from Helen Taylor via flickr

Church Hunters

1 min read

This is really funny (although, sadly, too close to what too many people actually think)

New Phone

1 min read

GRR.  On my most recent trip (that I returned from today), the touchscreen of my Google 5x got fried.  It stopped responding to touches and I can't figure out what's wrong.  Because of some funny stuff that happened over night that same night, I think there was a power surge that was just enough to fry the touch screen.

I've replaced it with a Google Pixel and updated my Phone List

Is Uber a good job?

1 min read

I have taken 3 Ubers in my life.  It isn't my preferred way to move around.  I stumbled across this video online and watched it.  Interesting

Memorial Day

1 min read


Today is memorial day in the US.  Just a reminder that memorial day is for remembering those who have served but are no longer with us.  Veterans day is for those who are still alive.