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2018 Week 4:

Avg mass = 110.1kg

. The , but there's no way it is going to settle. Now I'm going to have to explain to everyone that the is still real. At a minimum, the grass needs to be covered to say we've had snow. Measuring in double-digit inches is much better

Belts with no holes have the benefit of always fitting. On the other hand, they have the drawback of never giving one the satisfaction of moving to the next notch

2018 Week 3:

Avg weight = 111.4kg

2018 Week 2:

Avg weight = 112.6kg

My only problem with government shutdowns is that all the taxpayers are doing is giving government employees a free paid vacation

Why do I have to click on .@Facebook to get the sad face to show up?

Had coffee at Coffee Geek and Friends on the way home. It was good.