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Wow. Woke up this morning to news about the bombing in Manchester.

Pressure Washing .. Advice Needed

1 min read

So today I pressure washed our deck.  Here's a picture halfway through


 But now I need some advice.  When it rains, we've always smelt something a, but not known what it was.  While doing the deck, I think that was part of it; however, I think there's something more.  I think there's mould and ick below the deck that is smelling.  Any idea of smething I could use to get rid of it?  

Why this new blog?

1 min read


I'm sure loads of people are asking why...why change my blogging engine.  Well, first a bit of history...when I started blogging back in 2005 (my first post was 22 Feb 2005), I used Blosxom.  I changed domains a bit later on but still used Blosxom.  After that, I switched to PHPNuke for a bit.  Next,  switched to Joomla.  I stayed with them up till I switched to Known.  Why switch?  Well....

Back when I started blogging, there was no such thing as facebook, twitter, etc... so I had to do my own thing.  I resisted joining facebook for a while, and just joined twitter a few years ago.  I stopped writing here in favour of those platforms just because that's where my friends were.  Well, Known allows me to, hopefully, write stuff here, publish it onto those platforms, and collect responses back here.  So, I get all the benefits of those platforms with the added benefit of me really owning my content here.

We'll see how it works.  Only time will tell....

Image from Dimitris Kalogeropoylos via Flickr

one more to facebook. Why was this working this morning and not now???

Trying one more to facebook

Thanks for the help on the last round of testing. Can we try it once more all?

testing facebook

Well, after over a year of not blogging, I've finally got the site upgraded to a new platform. This means I ought to be blogging more

Phone List Updated

1 min read

After not blogging for a year, my first post is to say that I updated my list of phones after owning my Nexus 5 for a year.