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Cyndi got me a wok for Christmas. We made fried rice last night...came out pretty good. I think next time I'll use some foil to build a ring to help hold the thing though....

My parents got me a .@Raspberry_Pi for . Already have it set up as a .@ProtonVPN gateway on my home network. Speeds have more than doubled over using my router to make the connection.

Found a new Christmas film: Jumanji

Shoutout to .@MannheimSteam [best Christmas Music ever]. If you ever see the video for this at their concert, they have a spot for .@BodiamCastleNT in it.

TIL: the founder of .@EntertainerToys is a Christian and keeps his shops closed on Sunday (even Christmas Eve).

Know someone who like to ? Do they also ? Then you need to buy them an .@oomphcoffee maker for

20150105 - Exercise

1 min read

Exercise contraption

Well, I haven't worked out or watched what I ate since Don and Chris were here back in September.  I knew I wasn't doing too well, but then Thanksgiving came...then it was Christmas....well, you get the idea.  Well, the time has come to get back on the ball, exercise, and watch what I eat.  Here's today's info (yep, I'm going to start posting again):


FatSecret Journal for Jan 5, 2015
Wt: 114 kg
Waist: 49.25"
Neck: 17.25"

Image from zieak via flickr


Happy Christmas - 2014

1 min read

Срећан Божић / Happy Christmas / Merry Christmas

Happy Christmas 2014

Starbucks Caramel Drizzle

1 min read

Caramel Apple Spice

I like coffee.  I like to go have coffee.  My favorite place to go have coffee happens to be Starbucks...usually.  I like the fact that their coffee beans are nice and strong.  It makes the coffee flavor come through in a way that other places don't.  But, I'm confused.

My favorite drink is a Caramel Mocha.  Except for the time around Christmas when they have peppermint syrup, it is all I get.  Extra hot too...that way, I can sit and sip it.  But it gets made differently.  Just about all the time.  The part I really like is the caramel drizzle on top (like in the picture above).  I eat the whipped cream/caramel mixture and stir a bit into my drink.  But not everywhere puts it on.  And not every barista at my favorite cafe puts it on either.

Does anyone know why this is?  What do I need to do to make sure I get it?  Why the variance?

Image from David Moore via flickr

Peppa and The Queen

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For Christmas, we got Lydia Peppa Pig and the Queen on DVD.  We were watching it tonight.  Mrs. Rabbit gets an award as the most hard working person in all the kingdom and so Peppa and her classmates get to go see the queen.  One of the kids asks the Queen:

"Are you Queen of all the world"

The queen then replies:  "Not Quite"

Not quite....that is hilarious!