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I have similar questions, but it isn't simply Trump: Why do Americans spend so much to protect POTUS? If I were president, I'd make the Secret Service make changes. Here's my starting list:

Ditch the beast and get a decent looking car -- The president isn't in a warzone after all.
Reopen Pennsylvania Ave -- why is it closed?
Remind them that the President is simply a man. The position is what's important and the Constitution has what to do if that man dies

The cost of protecting POTUS is outrageous in my view

Just bought one of these: Initial testing looks good.

Happy 4th of July

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Camping with the Oomph

I've said it over and over....the Oomph is a great way to make coffee while travelling.

Let's get something straight: I'm not an immigrant in the USA. I didn't immigrate there. My parents didn't immigrate there. My Grandparents didn't immigrate there. My great-great grandparents didn't immigrate there. The first Maxson arrived in the US before 1776. I'm a Native American and there's nothing going to change that.

What time is it?

What time do they mean?  I understand timezones are difficult, but that simply means it is critical that great care is taken when speaking about time.

you want to see the real bullies? It's the left and progressives who want to force me to agree with them while they won't see that they are the real bullies:

Let me make sure I understand this. The left says:

1) a Christian ought to be forced to use their artistic skills to put a message on a cake that they disagree with
2) the person who owns this restaurant is perfectly in the right because they think the government is in the wrong

What am I missing?

. 2 Things:

Why do airlines have to give their fares names like "wanna get away" or "any time"? They aren't descriptive
Why is everyone's websites quoting fares to the US with hand luggage only?